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Risa Asri Landscape adds great value in every landscape planning and design project. With our selective plants and materials preference, we produce various design outputs ranging from house tiny backyard to villa spacious garden. It does not limit our capacity to explore more creativity by planning higher and wider area, for instance high rise and regional land development. A significant approach to serve clients need about creating environmental friendly spaces through suitable landscaping.


Risa Asri Landscape performs as one of the best landscape builder in Indonesia. We pay deep attention to details in every project we handle. Making sure that projects are done perfectly, our team have been trained for years and capable enough to ensure all landscape elements are in the right place. All plantations are the best quality we could have from our private nurseries and get from trusted suppliers across nation. Clients satisfaction is our priority, therefore all parks and gardens should have their own energy toward their user.


Risa Asri Landscape is fully responsible for maintaining not only our built landscape but also the existing ones. We are flexible enough to fulfill client demand and willing to give advices regarding their landscape situation. Separately coordinate by maintenance experts, the caring process has specific methods to control plants’ growth and appearance. We also guarantee that our working space will always be clean and tidy.

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